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Today, your business is only as good as your application infrastructure. At Baghel Corporation, we deliver products in niche areas with proven quality that can guarantee your satisfaction while cutting cost at the same time.
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News Letter Manager's Features

  • Templated System for Creating News Letters.
  • Automated Data Collection with Data Validation and Cleanup.
  • Bounced Email Analyzer that updates Data Collection.
  • Generates Personalized Emails in text, html, and multipart text/html format.
  • Various Reports on Subscribers Data and News Letters.
  • Customizable User Interface and Templates.
  • Distributed and Scalable Architecture.
  • Integrates with Existing Mail Server.
  • Integrable with Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server.
  • Integrable with existing J2EE Web Application Platform.
  • Data Collection Module also Available in LAMP(Linux-Apache-MySql-PHP) Technology.
  • Java API's and Http Interface to Extend Subscriber's Authentication, Authorization and Session Management to External Web Applications.

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