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Today, your business is only as good as your application infrastructure. At Baghel Corporation, we deliver products in niche areas with proven quality that can guarantee your satisfaction while cutting cost at the same time.
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   Web Site Analyzer
   Document Publisher
   News Letter Manager


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JKSearch :: FAQ's

    arrow  What is JKSearch?
    arrow  What kind of product licensing do you provide?
    arrow  What kind of technical support are available?
    arrow  Is Application Service Provider available for JKSearch?
    arrow  What Hardware and Software Platforms JKSearch supports?

    arrow  What is context search? How is it different from traditional search?
    arrow  Is JKSearch capable of doing term highlighting and phrase searching?
    arrow  Does JKSearch support spell check, stop words and synonyms?
    arrow  Does JKSearch have a customizable presentation layer?
    arrow  How many documents and users can be served with JKSearch?
    arrow  Does JKSearch allow customized document ranking?
    arrow  What is custom parsing and how does it work?
    arrow  What kind of document types and formats can be indexed?
    arrow  Does JKSearch allow to import external meta data?

    arrow  What kind of reports are provided by JKSearch?
    arrow  What format of reports are supported?

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